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Mr Philip Dunn - EMF
On Wednesday 12 October, we were pleased to welcome Philip Dunn to our Mid - week. Philip spoke about the work of EMF in Poland. Details of EMF can be found on their website:
Mr Nigel Kissick - GMSA
At our Mid-week meeting on Wednesday 9 November, Mr Nigel Kissick came to tell us about the work of GMSA. He described the work that they were doing in Chile. Details about GMSA can be found on their website:
On Sunday 13th November we had a service of remembrance and reflection as it is 100 years since the Somme. Various people from our church took part, with readings and other items. A booklet titled Lest we Forget was produced, edited and compiled by Rev Russell. This booklet contains various articles relating to the First World War. You can listen to the service by use of the sound player below.
Some photos from the church during the service, including those who took part.
The Somme Remembrance Service
Farewell Service for Jeffrey Ferguson
On Friday 20 January 2017, a farewell service was held for Jeffrey Ferguson. The guest speaker at this service was Dr Victor Maxwell, and there was singing by Donaghey church choir. Jeffrey will initially by learning the Portuguese language. Please pray for him as he goes out to serve the Lord  here.
Missionary Weekend 2017
Friday 21 April
Dr David Allen of Trinitarian Bible Society came for the Friday evening service. He gave a word of testimony, a message from God’s word and told about the work of TBS in translating the Bible. Information on TBS can be found on their website:
Saturday 22 April
On Saturday we had the Faith Mission rally. There was reports on the work of the Faith Mission, and Rev. W. Smylie brought a message. Also, Mrs Grace McClintock sang.
Sunday 23 April
On Sunday morning, Mr Donald Coulter from One Mission Society gave some details on the work of OMS in Ireland after touching on Europe. He also brought a message. On Sunday evening Maud Kells, who worked in Congo with WEC International spoke.
Donald Coulter report
Maud Kells