Where we are located

Donaghey is in Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland and lies roughly mid-way between Cookstown and Dungannon just off the A29.

Map of our Location

Local Sites/Landmarks

Killymoon Castle

The original castle was built in 1671 but destroyed by fire in 1801. It was replaced in 1802 by Colonel William Stewart who had a new, more imposing castle built.

The colonel was determined that his residence should rival the finest in Ireland so no expense was spared. The elite of the nobility regarded it a privilege to be entertained here and even royalty came to stay.

Killymoon Castle

Tullyhogue Fort

This is one of the most important historic sites in Ireland. For 500 years, until 1595, the Kings of of Ulster were crowned here.

Tullaghogue Fort

Lindsayville Cottages

This charming group of listed houses is named after the Lindsay family who resided at the manor in nearby Loughry Estate.

A frequent visitor to the estate was Dean Jonathan Swift.

Lindsayville Cottages





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